I have a burning need within to express deeply felt points of views. It continues to be my creative trigger. The consideration of style, technique, and the overall design serves that need.  I am, at core, a figurative artist who believes that art without people or subjects with humanlike personification, is art that is wanting.


I love to trek the unbeaten path when it comes to technique. I crave mixed elements and would not hesitate to consider elements pasted into compositions. I’m also happy to utilize mixed painting tools: traditional brushes, painting knives, and sometimes stiff-bristled hand brushes with which I would spatter diluted pigment through hand-cut templates.


I am ‘OCD’ passionate about the overall shape-design of every piece of my art: shape against other shape must be just right; and even after I would have thought a painting finished, it will only truly be so after I would have made continual minor tweaks here and there to the overall design here and there.


Creating art makes me feel very alive—useful, and relevant. I get a real kick out of seeing my partner’s face light up after walking into my studio-space and spotting my day’s work. Her every, “Wow!—I really like this!” always creates a glow deep within me. And then there is my boy, Kevin: To see the pride in his eyes when he showcases my art to his visiting friends is priceless. On a more practical note, however, I make art with the hope that viewers buy them, hang them on their walls, and cherish them for many years.